Host hotel :

Hey Competitors & show attendees

The host hotel for the IFBB Northwest

(Mention the show for a discounted room)

Comfort suites
4908 Southgate Drive
Billings, Montana 59101
(406) 969-2300
Comfort suites.Com

Mandatory Weigh-ins and Checkins for all competitors

April 5th from 5pm -7pm at the Comfort Suites Banquet Room located at 4908 Southgate Drive in Billings, Montana.


All competitors must purchase a IFBBPA Federation card ($130 for 1 calendar year)




City Tan of Billings will be handling our competitors show tanning needs. Call them at (406) 969-3501.

Trainers/coaches and Competitors :

  • There will be no charge for a back stage pass for one coach / trainer to assist their competitor at any of the Mongo Productions events.
  • Furthermore the trainer or coach is not required to purchase a federation card.
  • If a trainer or coach brings three competitors as a team to enter any Mongo Productions event, a free show pass will be issued upon request.


Why compete in or attend Mongo Physique productions events??

Here are 9 reasons :

  1. The Competitor is Appreciated, Respected an we understand the hardships of affording to compete. Entree fees are $85 and crossovers only $50. 1st year swag class is only $35 and bodybuilding couples are free as long as they are entered in another class.
  2. We Respect, Appreciate and Honor Trainers / Coaches / Teams:
    There will be NO CHARGE what so ever for one coach (one coach/ trainer per competitor) to go back stage to aid their competitor. Trainers will also not be required to buy a Federation card. (This rule applies to all Mongo Physique Productions events only)
    Furthermore, if the coach / trainer brings in 3 or more competitors to compete as a team they will not pay to get in the show as well.
  3. Open Overall Winners in each division will be a VIP for said show in the future and never be charged to attend that annual said event ever again :) !
    We would like to see the previous overall winners in each class (when possible ) to hand out the overall trophy on stage for their said classes. It would be like passing on the torch so to speak :) . We honor our Champions!
  4. Well established and accomplished champions from the past from any Federation or sport in the audience will be acknowledged and honored to the best of our ability. We don't forget the amazing athletes that helped forge the way!
  5. All of our Judges are former Champions and understand what it takes to compete. All judging will be transparent and done with honesty & integrity. A judge will be asked to sit out a class if there is any conflict of interest. No BS or political anything and best physiques win!
    Furthermore, we encourage competitors to interact with judges after the event to get feedback & ways to improve.
  6. We want to bring back a lot of heart & soul to these competitions . We will also strive to be supportive & appreciative of our competitors/ spectators / sponsors /volunteers and making these shows an environment of good sportsmanship & fun competition. A feeling like somewhat of a competitive family reunion because after all aren't we all brothers & sisters of iron :) ....
  7. Mongo Physique Productions is planning as many as nine northwest events next year so there will be plenty of shows to choose from.
  8. We are planning special awards in future shows for overall open class winners such as trips, cruises and hotel stays for two. So you can enjoy with your significant other or a friend the rewards of yours / their sacrifices to attain that success!
  9. We promote and support all Federation's bodybuilding/ physique shows etc. period! So with that being said you can freely compete / attend / judge in any or all shows/organizations/ Federations without the stress or worry that it being frowned down upon or your placing being marked down, etc . We want you to compete in whatever show or event you desire :) !

We at Mongo Physique Productions and the GBO are very thankful for your support :) .

 Good luck to you all and God Bless